The Best Solid State Amplifiers in 2024

best solid state amplifiers

In a globe controlled by tube elitism, Best Solid State Amplifiers are once again finding their location. Increasingly more solid-state designs from a vast array of brands, including Marshall, Fender, Roland and Orange, are being created and also they’re confirming a beneficial tool for guitarists of all styles.

Which is why we have actually assembled a graph highlighting the very best solid-state amps on the market today, spanning several prominent price ranges. After we have actually studied a few of the most effective amps, linger for a consider solid-state systems and just how their picture has changed with time.

Leading 9 Best Solid State Amplifiers

1. Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus

Roland’s JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifiers bring the essence of a very odd time in solid state amp background. What we have right here is a rather classic looking combo that looks like something straight out of ’80s.

Nonetheless, that’s just an exterior to a very capable hardware that can single handedly change the perception of this category.

2. Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR120H

Orange Amplifiers’ tube heads are what made them prominent to begin with. Luckily for us, their solid state styles aren’t poor either. Orange Amplifiers Crush Pro CR120H is one such design that will quickly surprise even the largest Orange Amplifiers extend there.

Where most Orange amps load a killer filthy network and an average cleans, Crush Pro CR120H is vice versa. Cleans on this head are out of this world.

In addition to 120 Watts of power as well as charitable control user interface, this amp just continues offering.

3. Roland BC-HOT-VB Blues Cube Hot Guitar Combo Amplifier with Tube Tone


When it comes to fundamental solid state amplifiers, Roland is probably the most effective brand to turn to. Their Blues Dice Hot deals one of one of the most simplified combinations you can obtain.

It is primarily an empty canvas that supplies a solid base for tone building. You obtain 30 Watts of power with constructed in attenuation, making cry Dice Hot a great selection for method use too.

The tone that it supplies is amazing to state the least. The clean network is evocative Roland’s famous designs from the past. As such, it commands regard and also appreciation.

4. Fender Champion 100

Aside from the sheer power and tone, among the main draws to the Fender Champion 100 is the simplicity– it’s a practical solid-state combo amp that’s simple to get to grips with.

That’s not to say it isn’t flexible in its sound-shaping capabilities, as it features a vast array of amp expressions and results– including chorus, hold-up, reverb as well as flanger– over two different channels. Tonally, you can discover every little thing from sparkly Fender cleanses to a husky distortion for heavy rock.

When it comes to power, the Champ 100 is the most effective in the Champ Series, including two 12″ Fender Special Design audio speakers with 100 watts of power. There’s even more on the Champ 100 in the complete testimonial.

5. Manager Katana KTN-100

The Katana KTN-100 combo from pedal masters Manager modifications this understanding totally.

Featuring five finely-crafted amp networks, in addition to an astonishing variety of fabulous Boss results, guitarists of all styles will be able to call in tones that make sure to thrill. Lush acoustic happiness to full-on metal onslaught can be yours, done in the same convenient 100-watt plan.

The level of versatility that the KTN-100 offers is merely amazing for an amp at this price factor. You can get all of the juicy information by looking into our full KTN-100 testimonial.

6. Line 6 Spider V 240HC

Line 6 has made it to the top of solid state/modeling sector thanks to their no-nonsense strategy to guitar amplification. Their Spider V 240HC is among the most qualified heads of this type.

Not only is the tone terrific, however this point supplies some 240 Watts of power to its user. In other words, you can bring this poor boy to any kind of stage on the planet and also be established.

If you sought a qualified head that can be used both at home as well as for gigging, opportunities are you will not discover a far better version than this.

7. Marshall Code 25W


Marshall’s CODE 25W is among the most versatile affordable solid-state amps on this listing, with an universe of tones, amp models as well as results packed right into a relatively tiny plan.

It’s extremely well-stocked, with 14 classic preamps, four power amps and eight speaker taxi emulations, along with 24 digital results to provide you massive versatility both on phase and also in the workshop.

At 25 watts, it’s absolutely not one of the most effective amp on this list, however the tone and power still use carrying out guitar players a solid partner for smaller sized stages. For under $200, it shows exceptionally excellent worth. Make certain to check out the total Marshall Code 25W evaluation for all the information.

8. Roland Dice Road

While the Cube Road from Roland is no suit for some of the various other solid-state amps on this listing in terms of power or tone, this awesome little amp is the perfect partner for guitar players on the step.

With 2 6.5″ audio speakers and 5 watts of power, this battery-powered combination amp shows off great style with a light as well as compact feel. That makes it really valuable for road efficiencies (although the consisted of adapter makes it a great house amp as well).

9. Fender Mustang 1 V2


A more recent addition to this list is the amazing Mustang 1 V2 from Fender– among our new preferred solid-state practice amps.

This compact system is a prime example of every little thing that a good solid-state technique amp ought to be nowadays– affordable, powerful and also really versatile.

While it’s a technique amp in mind, the 20 watts of power provides this sufficient zest to be heard in jamming sessions and also can fill up a big space really conveniently. Take a look at our full testimonial of the Mustang 1 V2 to see everything that this amp needs to supply.

What is a Solid-State Amp?

When electric guitars were very first developed, the globe was still living in the age of the vacuum cleaner tube, with electronics at that time making use of analog innovation to run. When it pertained to guitar amplification, it ends up that tube amplifiers were a blessing for tone. A lot to make sure that they have continued to remain up until today.

As opposed to utilizing ineffective vacuum tubes to increase the signal, suppliers started using silicon-based transistors. The instant impact was a rapid spike in performance as heat was significantly minimized. Soon enough, guitar amps ended up being less costly to create and guitar players celebrated!

Overlooking Tube Snobbery

In some ways, they are justified in their reasoning– but this need to take nothing far from solid-state amps.

Initially, the reception for solid-state amplifiers was pretty hostile. The brand-new technology still required some settling. Yet at some point these amps became a lot more polished and also we ended up with big power as well as remarkable tones. Yet there are still pockets of unwarranted bias against solid-state amps. Test some out, enjoy some videos as well as make up your own mind.

The Benefits of Solid-State Amps

Let’s drive residence the factor that we simply made by mentioning a few of the evident advantages for guitarists using solid-state amps:


A few of the very best tube amps out there are hand-wired, which presses a currently high price tag even higher.

Solid-state designs do not have this trouble. Certainly, you can discover really expensive solid-state amps, but the production procedure of one is basically the like that of any various other piece of digital tools, with printed circuit card as well as mass-produced chips. This suggests the price of generating a solid-state amp is much lower than that of a tube equivalent.


While you can certainly get remarkable tone from tube amps, every vacuum tube has a well-defined power band and also you need to maintain the tubes in their sweet place to accomplish the most effective tone.

This would certainly be great if a lot of sweet spots weren’t in the 100-watt variety.

Solid-state amps do not deal with this concern, suggesting you have access to a constantly fantastic tone at any type of quantity, whether playing on stage to thousands or to on your own in the living-room– from the minute you transform it on to the moment it goes off.

Modeling as well as Impacts

One more reward of picking a solid-state amp is that lots of provide integrated amp modeling and also effects. Of course, so do some tube amps, yet it’s far more typical as well as flexible on a solid-state amp.

These amps provide the enhancement of a noise processing device, which resembles what you would certainly discover in guitar effects processors. These units emulate the tone and response of traditional tube amps, providing significant convenience without raising the rate way too much.

What to Try to find When Searching For a Solid-State Amp

While it will rely on your spending plan as well as aspirations, there are several things you must watch out for when getting a solid-state amp.

The most fundamental demand most guitarists look for is a great tidy channel. This is because it’s an essential component of guitar having fun. Also those playing the heaviest metal will certainly require to go tidy eventually.

In fact, numerous jazz guitar players choose the quality of solid-state amps to tube amps.

A premium tidy channel will certainly also enable extra effects to do at their ideal. This is vital if you are making use of exterior distortion or modulation pedals. On that particular note, if you do not have the space, money or time to shop for exterior pedals, contemporary solid-state amps usually have effects built in, so you are excellent to go in the majority of situations.

The Last Word

Solid-state amplifiers have come a lengthy method since they were initial created virtually 40 years earlier. While you may have had some prejudgments, we wish that our overview has shown you that solid-state models have a whole lot to supply, while offering you some inspiration in advance of your following acquisition. Good luck with your hunt for the Best Solid State Amplifiers!

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