Best RC Truck Under 100 Dollars

Best RC Truck Under 100 Dollars

Are you planning to gift a good RC truck to a loved one but you don’t know which one to pick…wait! Are you tight on budget but don’t want to compromise on quality? Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Keep reading because here you’ll find thorough reviews of Best RC Truck Under 100 Dollars. The list is as follows:

FitMaker RC Truck

As the name suggests FitMaker RC truck is fit for both indoor and outdoor use. No matter where you are, either in a carpeted room or enjoying fresh air in an open area, it can run anywhere with no problem. Experienced RC lovers will love it because of its ability to run on a variety of tricky surfaces.


It has an extremely unique and classy design, made from best quality materials resulting in an increased lifespan of the car. The tires are made from high-quality PVC material that allows the car to run on numerous terrains making it one of the best RC trucks in this price range. You can also adjust the tires according to the road as they are made from soft and flexible elastic.

You don’t have to worry about the car being overheated as it has a 390 motor that protects it from overheating. It has great speeds with the maximum speed being 20 km/h. The remote control is quite versatile and can be used to control multiple cars running at the same time. Car’s pistol grip allows the user to control the directions and speed of the car very easily.


Can run on a variety of terrains

The design is quite attractive

Great speed

User friendly

Easy to use and high quality remote control



The car makes quick turns that make it difficult to be used by kids

Suitable just for kids as it is not that hardcore

On/Off buttons on the controller are backward that makes it a little confusing

Who is it for?

It is suitable for experienced RC car lovers as well as kids who have a little understanding of RC cars.

Remote Control Trucks Monster RC

This gorgeous looking Monster Truck is controlled by a 4×4 remote control. It also has dual motors that make it easy to move on a variety of terrain. It has a four-wheel suspension system that gives the truck extra protection and the presence of shock absorbers provides an absolute protection to the electronic parts.


This four-wheel drive gives an excellent performance on a number of terrains. It has a strong torque due to the presence of dual motors. The looks of this car are fairly realistic and the detailed designing increases its beauty. The presence of front lights makes it look super cool and gives an incredible experience to the kids. It has a rechargeable battery that helps it have better performance and a greater life span. This RC crawler also has suspension springs that prevent the car from damage due to vibrations.


•Excellent performance

•The presence of ABS tires gives extra protection by making sure the body of the truck is kept well above the ground

•Works on all terrain


•If it goes high off grass the wheels start to break

•The remote needs 2AA batteries however they do not come with the product

Who is it for?

This monster truck is suitable for beginners as it’s easy to control and use.

Tobeape RC Truck

Tobeape RC Car is the best RC truck under $100. The best thing about it is its wonderful inside simulation design, plus the presence of a large torque helps the car a lot. The climbing force of the car is increased by the availability of a strong bi-motor in it. This RC car is suitable for running on a variety of land such as grassy, marshy, sandy and many more. The structure is made in an extremely stable giving it a protection against any sort of crash and scratch. The stability and speed is greater due to the existence of four wheels. The ABS material makes it perfect for climbing.


This helps the car face all types of complex movements. Although it can be used on every type of land it is better enjoyed when played off-road. The independent suspension spring makes the car pretty flexible and function better. It also helps in protecting various electronic components of the car. These amazing features make it one of the best RC trucks under $100.

PVC material is on the whole very soft, adjustable and elastic in nature. You can drive this elegant car on a range of terrains without worrying about the speed.


Fast speed

Strong grip

The directions are adjustable

The body structure is pretty strong

Powerful dual motors

Strongly powered torque

Comes with a rechargeable battery and a charger

Responsive controls


The tires start to wear out if climbed continuously over obstacles

Slow speed as compared to other RC cars

Who is it for?

It is suitable for both beginners and experienced kids. The handling and speed of this car is okay for kids.

RC Monster Truck 4WD

This beautiful beast is one of the best RC trucks in this price range. It is a road racer controlled by a race remote and has extremely high speed and strong shocks. It can be played on rough roads without the fear of any damage because the tires are made from high quality thick rubber. Its performance is outstanding and has a strong structure, being four-wheel drive it can run on any terrain. You can use it in grassy land, muddy area or even shallow water.


This RC car is very strong with a powerful anti-collision structure. The oversized tires are the best thing about it; they allow the car to move over complex and rough terrain. The high quality wheels help in maintaining high speed throughout the journey. Many RC cars lack strong shocks however; it contains strong shocks that help in improving the performance. The exceptional performance brought it here to the list of best RC trucks under $100.

You can purchase it without any fear because it has a 90-day replacement warranty as well as a 30-day full money back guarantee. If you have any query you can contact their customer service department anytime, as they are available 24/7.



Can easily withstand crashes and abrasions

Fast and powerful engine

Oversized, high quality tires

Fast speed

Strong shocks


Little rocks gets inside if played on gravel

Can handle modest terrain only unlike its claims

Should have spare parts

Batteries start to depreciate quickly

Who is it for?

Kids who are 8+ years old can play it.

Fistone 1:18 RC Truck

Fistone is one of the best RC trucks under $100 available in the market. All the information about its maintenance is present in the instruction manual. It has amazing charging and battery timings. Make sure the red LED light is present when you are charging the battery. The amazing thing about this best RC truck under $100 is that it comes with spare parts. The car shell is removable and it has a spare wheel.


It has an exceptional steering; the turning direction such as right or left is also trimmed in the transmitter. It has good speed maximum being 24 Mph, however the running speed is determined by the degree of the trigger. You can run this car at any speed either slow or fast, all you have to do is understand the built in gear system.

The car brake is pretty advanced; you can stop it within a single second by just pulling the trigger to the opposite point. No matter how fast you are going the car stops the moment your press the brake. It has an advanced shock absorber that is extremely important in ensuring a safe and sound drive. The shock absorber is highly elastic and has a strong structure. You can get a higher quality product truck it will cost you more, take for example the best RC truck under 300 in this post.


Super fast

Great battery life


High quality motor and shaft

Can be played on complex terrain


The lights are easy to rip out

Who is it for?

It’s not suitable for kids under 14 years old unless the car is played under the supervision of an adult.

Vatos RC Truck

The powerful motor and shockproof system make it one of the best RC trucks under $100. The power output is quite strong and has an astounding 390 motor. You can run this RC car on high speed without the fear of damage. The independent suspension system ensures you experience a steady and smooth drive. It also creates a damping effect that is worth anything. This gorgeous car can easily achieve complex movements one of being drifting.


This best RC truck can run at a speed of 40Km/h.These LED lights gives a gorgeous color when driven at night. It has an anti-interference that allows the user to run a number of RC cars at the same time. The battery is very powerful and reliable.



Easy to control

It comes with a manual that makes it easy to use

Beautiful LED lights

Can run on various terrains


Charging the battery takes a lot of time

Sensitive remote control

Who it is for?

It is great for RC enthusiasts and kids who are 10+ years old.


These Best RC Truck Under 100 Dollars are the best present you can give to a loved one. Their high speed, strong structure, detailed design and great battery life is worth every penny. Now you know your choice, don’t waste any more time and get yours now. Check out more RC vehicles on howtomakeyourvaginatighter