The Best 12-String Acoustic Guitars in 2020

Best 12-String Acoustic Guitars

Searching for a guitar with a full, abundant tone? Or do you just want to play Staircase to Heaven or Hotel California with that distinct jangle? Whatever your factor for buying a Best 12-String Acoustic Guitars, we have you covered!

In today’s write-up we are having a look at 12-string acoustics in even more deepness, with a customer’s guide in addition to a chart to highlight a few of the top versions on the marketplace today in all cost arrays. Let’s dive right in!

Top 8 12-String Acoustics Guitars

Takamine EF381SC

Takamine’s track record is just one of the best in the business. This is a brand you can turn to as well as count on totally.

Compared to various other 12 string guitars, this one is both a very reputable work steed as well as a true representation of what a high end guitar should look like. Takamine picked the solid spruce top in addition to maple back and also sides.

EF381SC comes complete with CT4B set of electronics, which do a remarkable task at capturing its natural noise. In all honesty, if you want an excellent 12 string, Takamine EF381SC is a no brainer.

Guild F1512E.

Fans of an extra classic layout that intend to get their hands on a fantastic 12 string guitar need to have a look at Guild F1512E. Made by one of the most trusted brand names in the sector, this guitar provides a combination of wonderful develop high quality, terrific materials as well as impressive performance.

You are checking out a jumbo body shape that includes a strong sitka spruce top, rosewood back and also sides. It goes without saying, the quantity is absolutely there as is tone definition.

Guild has actually counted on Fishman for on board electronic devices, which as resulted in their Sonitone being set up on every F1512E. Generally, this guitar fulfills and goes beyond all assumptions.

Martin D12X1AE.

Martin guitars need no certain introduction. This brand has gone to the very top of the market for a very long time now. Being an authority most of the industry respects has its advantages. Martin’s even more economical sector saw a good increase in both availability and also convenience.

If you require an example just check out Martin D12X1AE. This is a sensibly inexpensive 12 string guitar that provides what is now referred to as ‘Martin tone’ in a somewhat different form. It isn’t rather standard, yet it offsets it with piece de resistance and even much better hardware options.

Takamine GJ72CE-12.

As we’ve already seen above, Takamine is familiar with the 12-string market, continuously producing high-grade acoustics in all price classifications. The electro-acoustic GJ72CE-12 is a slightly extra budget friendly version when contrasted to Takamine’s EF381SC, showing off a wonderful big body made from spruce and maple.

The Takamine-designed electronic devices are additionally worthwhile of appreciation.

There’s more on this awesome 12-string in the full evaluation of the GJ72CE-12.

Gretsch Breeder Falcon G5022CWFE-12.

A new kid on the block to our chart is the preferred Breeder Falcon G5022CWFE-12 from Gretsch– a brand that recognizes a thing or more about crafting a retro guitar with a bit of bling!

This 12-string model is packed with extroverted visits, from the classy white as well as gleaming gold color pattern to the appealing Falcon headstock. Under the paintwork, the guitar holds up well for its midrange price, with a solid spruce leading as well as laminated maple body.

Seagull Coast S12 QI.

Canadian guitars are still riding the shock wave they have actually created a years approximately back.

Most importantly? They aren’t solely priced. On the contrary, the prices are very much possible. Seagull S12 QI is one such guitar. It’s a 12 string design with strong tonewood around, and a wonderful little preamp system.

Construct quality is fantastic and also strikes way above its group. The result is a guitar that sounds and plays impressively well considering the cost.

Alvarez AJ80CE12.

In a market flooded with all type of tier 1 guitars, it is hard to see the woodland from the trees. Nevertheless, if you venture out deeper, you will locate some amazing guitars. Alvarez AJ80CE12 most definitely fits this description.

Amplification is guaranteed by a capable L.R. Baggs set of aboard electronic devices, which perfectly imitates the natural sound of this instrument.

In addition to all that, this is one extremely appealing guitar. If you are in a pinch as well as require to obtain a respectable 12 string on a budget plan, we can absolutely advise the Alvarez AJ80CE12 acoustic electric design.

Guild F2512E.

Guild F2512E is a 12 string acoustic electric guitar that features strong sitka spruce leading, mahogany back and also sides, along with a rather strong set of electronics. Mentioning which, the preamp is Guild’s own layout while the piezo pickup comes from Fishman.

Despite the fact that other brand names select to use full Fishman or L.R Baggs systems, this specific configuration has shown to be greater than qualified. In General, Guild F2512E is a fantastic selection for carrying out musicians who require something trustworthy and also consistent that fits a minimal budget.

What is a 12-String Guitar?

As the name suggests, a 12-string guitar is one with 12 strings, compared to a conventional six-string guitar. The total experience of strumming a 12-string version is really rewarding, with a chimey, abundant and also robust audio that you simply can not attain with a routine acoustic guitar.

Nevertheless, despite 6 extra strings the fretboard doesn’t double in size, as each of the initial 6 strings essentially gets a little partner string that enhances the tone with a higher octave.

Look carefully at a 12-string acoustic and you will discover that every one of the strings are grouped into sets. The lower 4 pairs (E-A-D-G) are tuned so that one string in the pair is an octave in addition to its double. The top 2 sets (B-E) are listened unison.

These string sets are typically played with each other as one string, which, theoretically, indicates that if you can play a conventional 6-string guitar, you can play a 12-string guitar.

Here’s an excellent video clip to show the distinctions in noise as well as adjusting.

The Advantages of Owning a 12-String Guitar.

You currently have a six-string guitar, so what will buying a 12-string acoustic offer the table? There’s a stating in the guitar area that 12-string guitars are to standard guitars what a grand piano is to your conventional upright version. We can resemble the belief.

As mentioned, each of the string pairs develops an abundant noise, similar to a chorus effect you can find with an electric guitar. A 12-string guitar normally has a much fuller tone and an abundance of overtones rising from the noise box, suggesting you can accomplish far more with much less. Consequently, making use of one of these monsters will certainly allow you to bring your solo efficiencies right into a richer atmosphere where you can truly reveal yourself.

Lastly, a 12-string model enables you to try out tones and playing styles. Eventually, some guitarist just do not really feel challenged any longer and also turning to a 12-string can restoke the fire of excitement for guitar, along with obtain the creative juices flowing.

Points to Take Into Consideration When Searching For a 12-String Guitar.

While there are advantages to possessing a 12-string guitar, there are likewise a number of downsides worth stating.

First of all, a 12-string guitar is rather various from your classic acoustic in a couple of ways. Naturally, as these are specialist strings, they often tend to be a little a lot more costly than normal strings.

The following thing to take into consideration is the neck. If you were to make use of a common guitar neck, chances are it would not last too long! Rather, these guitars often have much heavier, thicker necks, which can be unpleasant for some individuals to play.

The factor of highlighting these downsides isn’t to scare you far from a 12-string model, but rather to present you to some of the distinctions you are most likely to deal with. Nevertheless, if you can deal with a preliminary understanding contour and also a bit a lot more patience when it comes to string adjustments, a 12-string acoustic is well worth it.

The Last Word.

While 12-string guitars are certainly a specific niche segment of the marketplace contrasted to their six-string relatives, it is an ever-growing market as guitarists recognize the allure of including a Best 12-String Acoustic Guitars to their collection.

We hope the designs we have highlighted today have actually motivated you, regardless of what your budget plan or skill degree. If you’re a musician who has an interest in spicing things up, investing time with a 12-string acoustic can be the best thing you ever before did! Learn and refer to more information at the website